Digital Progressives

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We use state of the art, digital progressive lenses designed with you in mind. Your measurements can be taken remotely, so that we can pinpoint with great accuracy the most effective lens fitting. Contact us at for more info!

These lenses are UV protective and when paired with scratch resistant coatings anti-reflective coatings, they'll repel water, oils, and smudges giving you optimal clarity and durability. 



  • economical
  • good for low to mid range rx
  • least shatter resistant


  • good for low to mid range rx
  • high shatter resistance
  • recommended for sports 


  • great for low to mid range rx
  • excellent clarity and durability
  • newest material on the market

Hi - Index 1.67

  • good for mid to high range rx
  • thinner material
  • more economical than 1.74

Hi - Index 1.74

  • best for high range rx
  • thinnest material possible
  • most aesthetically appealing for people with heavy prescriptions